Betameme (betameme) wrote,

Storm ahoy?

The media is full of reports about the approaching storm. The hullabaloo means that it's very likely to be a damp squib but occasionally they do get things right.
Autumn is definitely in full swing anyway. I just spotted one of our Acers full of soft red leaves.
I haven't had a lot to say in this blog in recent months. Mostly I'm just letting the pictures speak for themselves. My Uncle Bob is currently very ill with cancer and it appears that there is little hope for him at this stage. He's always been a huge character but at 88 his body is just packing up on him.
My own health is a bit so so. It took ages to recover from a cold but I'm trying to keep myself as active as possible in the garden when the weather allows.
Just watched the Indian GP with Vettel collecting his inevitable championship. Races have been technically interesting but the gap in performance has been all too apparent all season.
And now the clocks have gone back it's time to get used to dark afternoons. I could really do with getting up earlier but it's strange that no matter how badly I've slept, I seem to be able to sleep like a log in the mornings.
Reading "The Burning World" by Ballard. Quintessential.

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    bob with dog, a photo by betameme on Flickr. RIP Uncle Bob whose funeral was yesterday. A great character, fondly remembered by many.

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